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German Cabinetry. Longevity, stability and quality comes from within.

A kitchens quality can easily be seen by looking at the design and visible surfaces. However, real high-quality workmanship, guaranteeing your kitchens long lifespan can only be measured by its durability and is often invisible for the buyer; hidden behind the door fronts and under the surfaces.

There is great attention to detail in German cabinetry; mass producing high quality kitchens using a combination of technology and work ethic. Thanks to the precision of German engineering, Schuller offer a high level of cabinet manufacturing flexibility ensuring your kitchen design can be adjusted as precisely as possible to your requirements.

The various height and depth options of Schuller German cabinetry offer you a perfect bespoke specification kitchen solution for every situation.

A precise German attitude to flexibility is consistent in appearance and functionality. There is hardly any kitchen system, as flexible and rich in variations, and which can be structured and planned as easily as Schuller.

Each German kitchen model offers a perfect solution for different structural conditions, like new or old buildings, as well as large or small kitchen spaces. All modern German kitchen models are offered with or without a handle.

Schuller German base unit specification:

Base unit
  1. Back panels fastened with screws and glued to the side panel for high stability.
  2. Front and back coated rear wall for anti warping.
  3. Back panel recess for good circulation between wall and kitchen furniture very important for a long life spam.
  4. Solid wood cross beams for high stability.
  5. Wall connections for base and full height units to provide extra safety for installation.
  6. Connection between devices and full-height cupboards by means of metal braces inside the device.
  7. Floor connection for island arrangements.

German wall unit specification:

Wall unit
  1. Stable, covered suspension hinges
  2. Perfect hold and enormous stability of 1.9cm thick shelves. Shelf pins with retaining pin.
  3. Glass shelves made of 0.5cm security glass, anti-slip fixing
  4. All metal clip hinges with integrated soft close damping system
  5. Wall connection for hanging and full-height cupboards

 The wall cupboard systems of Schuller are provided complete with optional:

Cupboard Systems
  1. Swivel door wall unit
  2. Folding flap wall unit
  3. Wall unit with internal handle

German innovation accompanied by ambitious technical solutions for the perfect storage use, ensures you the choice of perfect drawer and pull-out systems for your new Schuller kitchen.

Drawer Solutions
  1. Drawer systems come in different equipment variants.
  2. Motion self-closing and damping system.
  3. Pull-outs with different heights and equipment variants.
  4. Double-wall drawer side, hidden runners.
  5. Optional transparent safety glass box sides.
  6. Optional anti-slip mats silver-coloured.

The new grid line dimension makes it possible, with smooth door fronts, to create a filler appearance without the use of a balancing filler, in favour a harmonious appearance. Optional extras in German cabinetry like non-slip matting and internal drawer systems elevate the interior arrangements to the highest standard. With perfect electrical opening assistance and ingenious sink floor units display the scale of the range being offered.

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